Want to Get Healthy, Break Your Sugar/Carb/Food Addiction and Lose Weight? Join My Online Slim and Healthy Kick the Carb Cravings Keto Weight Loss Class!

Want to Get Healthy, Break Your Sugar/Carb/Food Addiction and Lose Weight? Join My Online Slim and Healthy Kick the Carb Cravings Keto Weight Loss Class!

Image Credit: YouTube Channel of Dr. Boz

Do any of you experience the following symptoms:

-unwanted weight



-muscle weakness

-ulcerative colitis



-celiac disease

-heart disease


-vision problems





-chronic fatigue


-hearing problems

Did you know that Dr. Annette Bosworth M.D., aka Dr. Boz, says all these symptoms can be alleviated or EVEN eliminated with the ketogenic diet? Dr. Boz, an internist, is a medical doctor who tends to work with senior citizens. She has found great success with her patients who get on the keto continuum. She speaks from experience!

Did you know that the keto diet can, on top of all that, ALSO eliminate carbohydrate craving/sugar cravings/food addiction forever?

Watch the video below and take the test with Dr. Boz to see if you have a sugar addiction!

How did you score? As Dr. Boz says at the end of the video, if you got over 5, you might be addicted to carbs! Find release from this bondage with the ketogenic diet using the keto continuum from Dr. Boz. My Slim and Healthy Keto Class uses this keto continuum.

Your health is priceless! Invest in yourself by engaging in this class. In doing so, you will reclaim your healthy birthright and prevent the typical symptoms we associate with aging in modern America. Adult-onset diabetes can be prevented! As Dr. Boz says, “Type 2 Diabetes is a choice!” Heart disease can be prevented! Dementia can be prevented!

Come learn from this keto class and apply your knowledge so you can reach your ideal health! If you apply what you learn in this class, you will trim down, you will most likely be able to get off needless medications and play with your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren for decades to come!

The photo below shows one man’s success with the keto continuum. Patrick, at age 61, got on the keto continuum. He lost weight and got off all his medications!

Image Credit: Dr. Boz’s YouTube Channel

Here are all the details for the class:

The Slim and Healthy Kick the Carb Cravings Keto Weight Loss Class!

-8 weeks of weekly, 2 hour classes

-On Zoom so you can attend anywhere you have Internet access.

Logistics of class:

Every Wednesday 6:45 – 8:45 PM MST in Zoom

Starts Wednesday November 29, 2023.

What you get by taking this class:

-Me as a mentor! I recently lost 40 lbs in 5 months this past spring and summer. I will guide you through the crazy maze of the weight loss journey with sound principles that work so you don’t ever go back to yo-yo dieting and so you also end cravings. No guess work involved! If you do what I say, you will lose weight! It’s all based on numbers and science!

-A weekly class with accountability for you and your goals. You set the health and/or weight-loss goals you want with the knowledge and skills I teach you!

-A tribe to give you a feeling of community

-Help to actually lose weight during the holiday season and continue to lose weight

-Tools to deal with emotional eating

-Knowledge of how to lose weight without exercise, using the principles from the Keto Continuum book by Dr. Annette Bosworth M.D.

-How to avoid the common pitfalls of the keto diet. Perhaps you have tried keto before and couldn’t sustain it because of the keto flu, or other common challenges of going keto. When I first tried keto about 6 years ago, I had a few pitfalls so I had to stop. Learn how to overcome them in this class!

-Tools to end your carb/sugar/food addiction forever

-Knowledge of how to create the “chemistry set” in your body that will cause weight loss so you don’t have to rely on white-knuckled willpower! Doesn’t that sound amazing? True science, as taught by Dr. Boz, is behind this!

-Knowledge of the markers that indicate true wellness. Wellness is more than just being thin! You will learn about SHMEC, which stands for Sleep, Health, Mood, Energy, and Cravings. Learn these markers and how to improve your individual ones.

Cost for Class: Tuition (see below), Cost for Books (see below), and Cost for Keto/Glucose Meter (see below)

Regular Tuition for Class: $447

Early Bird Tuition for Class: sign up by Wednesday November 22, pay $197!

Cost for Books: Approximately $46 for these two paperback books (cheaper if you get a Kindle edition). We will be using these two books by Dr. Boz pictured below. We will refer to them and discuss them in class. So if you enroll in this class, you need these books to be successful! Please order them here on amazon.

This first one, pictured above, tells a story that is fun to read. You will enjoy following David’s ketogenic diet journey. Along the way you will learn the principles of the keto diet.

The second one, pictured above, is a companion book, a workbook, with charts for you to write in to track your data. Again, please order them from amazon here.

Cost for keto glucose meter: Approximately $50. To have the best success, you will want to get a meter that measures the glucose and ketones in your blood. Get this one on amazon. You don’t need the meter when you first start the class, but you will want one by week #5.

Ready to Enroll? Great! Register by filling out this form.

Questions? Text 801-628-8753 with any questions or email me: info (at) treeoflifemothering (dot) com.

If you are excited to jumpstart your knowledge about the ketogenic journey before class starts, please read and watch the extra stuff below:

First, read Dr. Boz’s first book, shown above.

Also, watch Dr. Boz’s video docuseries, An American Traddiction, shown below.

The book is the story of Dr. Boz teaching her mom how to do the ketogenic diet to so her mom could fight cancer. The keto diet healed Grandma Rose, Dr. Boz’s mom, of cancer.

The docuseries shows Dr. Boz mentoring her sister-in-law Michelle on the keto diet journey. The videos show her 6-week journey, and then her results after 6 months. Michelle lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks doing keto!

This video above is the trailer. The whole series is below.


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