This is 50

This is 50

Day one after hitting the big 5-0.  Last night was so great to see my family; drank and ate to my heart’s content.

I had lamb chops coated in a cheese crust with asparagus and potatos.  My cake was a vanilla cake dolled up with mango-pineapple frosting.  I enjoyed 2x martinis to wash things down.

While it was all great, now it’s time to get back to business; I’m going to ascend towards my full potential at this age.

Meal 1 of the new age:

5 eggs with mushrooms and onions, covered with some whole mozzerella cheese.  Flavored it up with organic ketchup and sriracha.  This should last me for most of the day.  I’m thinking about roasting some lamb breast for dinner, but need to see how to cut it first.  Stay tuned.




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