Irritability on Being ON ONLY MEAT type of Diet! ( How To Win the Fight Without TRYING)

Irritability on Being ON ONLY MEAT type of Diet! ( How To Win the Fight Without TRYING)
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The whole notion on eating steak or other sort of sirloin cuts is being highly debated on the masses. .

Or just simply eating a protein diet.

If you read or watch any information about red meat, they may say that it’s bad for you, or you may get all sorts of diseases. . 0

And if you at least look everywhere , even some of your family may have a negative bias towards eating red meat.

They might think. . they’ll get a heart attack or attain a “diabetes” problem.

Of course, you can’t blame them, they have been told the other way around pretty much for a long long time. . we’re talking decades of food suggestion from the corporate.

But, you can’t change that. .

They’re way of trying to convince you otherwise.

All you can do is to stick with what you know is healthy. .

And if they tell you otherwise, just wait and show them what you worked for. .

The results always do the talking. .

Do you feel any pain in your joints or fogginess of the brain ? –

All these stuff comes from a high sugar Diet.. which a lot of people love, no doubt.

Is it easier to burn fat ?

Whenever you feel depressed or experiencing the blues – do you easily come out of it easily on your own ?

Just by simply having the time to take a walk outside and get some air.

Do you feel energized when you’re working or engaging in a task. .

All these can tell when you’re productive, and you don’t need to listen or hear about what someone is telling you on how eating meat is bad. .

Maybe they’re eating the bad ones. .

The ones with sugar and loads of Carbs in it.

They’re probably concerned about animals . . and they feel like they want to cry.

Nevermind that. .

You don’t need to tell them about your own preferences of food choice. .

You know what’s best for your own needs and basing on the things you do that keep you healthy. .

No amount of sugarcoating from family or peers will tell you otherwise..

Otherwise cut them off.

Just be sure to tell them that you’re passionate about health and exercising, and you have set your priorities towards it.

And if they disagree. .

It’s on them but they can’t do anything, other than just to argue and push their food beliefs on you.

And you can’t let them. .

because you’re going to be unhealthy just like they are.

Just say no. .

And take care of what’s necessary for yourself and spread the word to anyone with a sound mind . .

I’m sure they’ll agree, because you have things in common.

And that’s a good thing.

Just in case if you feel any sort of pressure or peer pressure from social situations because it doesn’t coincide with their similarities. .

Here’s what you can do. .

Nothing. .

Nothing that makes you an obvious target to be argued with. .

What they don’t know about you , they can’t attack. .

If anything, just mind your own life. .

You’ll be fine.

Stay safe.



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