Very Greek Grilled Chicken (Video)

Very Greek Grilled Chicken (Video)

Very Greek Grilled Chicken has Greek Chicken Souvlaki flavors in a grilled chicken breast, and it’s one of my most popular grilling recipes! And if you like these flavors you’ll probably make this over and over.

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This popular Very Greek Grilled Chicken might be the all-time most popular grilling recipe on Kalyn’s Kitchen! And this blog has quite a few Grilling Recipes, so that’s saying something. And this is the last summer holiday weekend in the U.S. So in case you haven’t tried this favorite Greek grilled chicken recipe yet I’m recommending it as my Friday Favorites pick this week, in hopes that it might be something that makes it on to your menu over the weekend!

I came up with this grilled chicken with Greek flavors in in the very early days of the blog when I was experimenting to see what type of marinade would taste good on grilled chicken, and I’ve made it every summer for many years now. This is a recipe where longer marinating time won’t hurt a bit, but at a minimum I hope you’ll take time to marinate the chicken at least the 6 hours minimum that I’m recommending. And if you really, really like lemon (like me!) a little extra lemon juice wouldn’t hurt.

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