Kabob Koobideh (Persian Ground Beef Kabobs)

Kabob Koobideh (Persian Ground Beef Kabobs)

Authentic Kabob Koobideh is a Persian dish of seasoned ground beef on skewers that’s often found as a street food in Iran. My version of these ground beef kabobs are delicious and easy to make on a grill at home.

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If you’re familiar with my website at all, you may have noticed I have quite an assortment of recipes for grilled kabobs. But this recipe for Kabob Koobideh is a unique type of kabob made with double-ground seasoned ground beef that’s cooked on skewers. This is my version of the type of ground meatkabob that’s often seen as a street food in Iran.

I learned to like these Persian ground beef kabobs in a Salt Lake City restaurant that’s now called The Med. When I started my blog, I did some experimenting to try to reproduce the dish I’d enjoyed at The Med, where it’s still on the menu and called Kabob-e-Kubideh. I searched on the internet and found several recipes, but for my first few attempts the result was nothing like the dish I’d loved so much at The Med.

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