Crustless Tomato Basil Tarts (Video)

Crustless Tomato Basil Tarts (Video)

You have to make these low-carb Crustless Tomato Basil Tarts as soon as you can get garden tomatoes and fresh basil! And these delicious tarts with tomatoes, basil, eggs, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, and Italian seasoning are lovely for breakfast, but they’re also perfect for lunch or a light dinner.

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I love fresh tomato and basil season so much that I’m always thinking off recipes using those ingredients, and for this week’s Friday Favorites pick I’m reminding you about these favorite Crustless Tomato Basil Tarts! I make these the minute I can get fresh garden tomatoes and fresh basil, and continue making them long into the time when summer is winding down.

And if you’re also a fan of those summery tomato-basil flavors I hope I hope you get a chance to try these delicious little Caprese-Salad inspired tarts very soon! You can use any type of ripe summer tomato in this recipe, and if you like fresh tomatoes and basil like I do, I bet you’ll think these are delicious.

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