30 Low-Carb Cucumber Salads

30 Low-Carb Cucumber Salads

Here are 30 Low-Carb Cucumber Salads, and when cucumbers are fresh from the garden I never get tired of eating them! And if you’re a cucumber fan like I am, I bet there are salads here you’ll want to make over and over.

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How do you feel about cucumbers? I’m always kind of shocked when someone tells me they don’t like them, but then I realize maybe those cucumber-adverse people have only had grocery store cucumbers. Those overly large waxy creatures are a poor substitute for fresh garden cucumbers, which are loaded with a delicate flavor that I love.

And as soon the weather gets hot I start craving cucumber salads. And it’s HOT right now in many places across the U.S., so I’m updating this collection of  30 Low-Carb Cucumbers Salads. Don’t you agree that cucumbers are especially great when the weather is really hot, and they’ll cool you down no matter how you eat them. 

I hope you enjoy trying my favorite cucumber salads all summer long! I’ve put the salads into categories to make it a bit easier to find the ones yo might like; enjoy!

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