Why you need to consume Bell peppers on keto diet?

Why you need to consume Bell peppers on keto diet?

Lots of people think peppers are vegetables but in reality they are fruits same as tomatoes, cucumber or apples.

So why are they so crucial for your diet?

First and most important thing you need to know is the amount of vitamin C. On average 100g/3.5oz (one peper is usually 113 to 142g/4-5oz) contains 142 mg of vit.C with is 171% of your daily requirement. Only half of typical size pepper is needed to get your daily minimum, although I recommend eating one per day because you will find much more nutriment in it. Vitamin A-20%, B6-23%, B1-5%, B2-12%, B3-7%, B5-6%, B9-12%, E-11%, K-7%. Minerals can be find here too but in very small amounts.

Next important thing is low amount of carbs in peppers, per 100g is usually 4-5g with makes is perfect for ketogenic diet. |If your amount of carbs is very strict ( like 20-30g per day) i will suggest go to for green as they contains less carbs however they contains less vitamins as well the best solution are always someway between you can buy mixed peppers with is typically red yellow and green, chop them together and eat mixed. If you can eat more carbs (40-100g per day) red ones are your best choice.

How implement into your diet? You can eats them raw without any cooking and its the best way to do so because vitamins and minerals ale lost the more we cooking vegetables and the higher temperature we use. so for example adding it to your salad is great option ( if you don’t eat salad you should start to do so ), you can just cut it and eat as a snack whoever you should add some fat to it because vitamins A, D, E, K, are dissolve in fats and you may not digest them as well without it. Another option I personally like is to adding them to a strew, but only low heat and at the end of cooking process ( you should always cook peppers as short as possible). one of the popular option is use them instead of bread in your sandwiches with some cream cheese and your favourite keto friendly toppings (like ham, chorizo, etc)

Always remember to wash your fruit and vegies before eating and do it good!

Always remember is best to get your vitamins from actual food then supplement however if you want to take them I strongly advice to do it after with your meal because they are digest and use better that way.

Long story short what you need to remember

  • 1/2 bell pepper is your daily minimum of vit. C
  • raw is the best way to eat them
  • red contains more vitamins but also more carbs green are opposite
  • you should always consume them with fats to dissolve vitamins better.
  • its always best to get all elements you need from actual food then supplements.

Thant you for reading this article hope you learn something interesting and useful today.



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