Family Reunion Can Make You Lose Track Of Your Diet in 2023!

Family Reunion Can Make You Lose Track Of Your Diet in 2023!

Recently, I was persuaded to go to the family reunion that rarely happens every 7 years. And going there to meet up with distant relatives is fun.. not. .

Since usually what normally happens is we don’t see each other because people have their own busy times and live well being.

And that’s normal, most of the times we’re just always busy doing things.

But I want to set things straight. . This reunion might be fun and great and loads of food , but we have a goal to maintain. .

To get back again after two days.

I also feel fortunate to enjoy seeing my relatives. .

Really , I’m not close with them but I respect them. Just have to smile and ask some questions. .

End of story,

There were lots of food choices upon approaching the buffet table with rice and sweets, and some pasta.

Now would you get excited to try something that you rarely eat ?

Sure. . because it’s a very pleasant experience. .

You know what , it’s better to just enjoy company with family from time to time .

And I just wanted to think about that for a split second. I don’t get to see them usually, and there’s good blessings of food around hehe.

The point I want to make is no matter how serious your dieting is, sometimes letting go for once ( 1 day) is a good choice, even if it’s hard to make at the beginning since I’ve been peer pressured and socially manipulated to go .

And you might experience the same thing too. .

Maybe at a special party event with friends , coworkers or family or some meetup.

Just enjoy yourself, and it’s ok to be serious or be yourself. . You don’t get to see them regularly , so appreciate the time with them and the big amount of food.

But still, sometimes deep down you might not be even be close with some, but yeah. .

Just don’t try to please .

I know I didn’t.

Some people even family are not gonna like no matter what you do in the first place . .

But yeah, talking about dieting . .

It’s one big pleasure cheat once in a while cheat day – with family and friends.

Learning detachment from groupthink is hell of a skill – just do you. .

Because people aren’t willing to go extremes.

But it should be fun also, yeah.

I didn’t care what people thought , what my family thought.

If you are well and healthy and that’s important to you.

Then who the heck in the world do any of them have the right to tell you what to eat or do things or whatever ?

I know that’s a bold one . .

But sometimes when you do something that you value . . sometimes comments are just inevitable. .

That’s the way it is .

But always trust your gut. Even in parties or social events or work meets.

People have developed a good front to judge your actions. But I care about physical health. and I care about being truthful.

It’s that simple. Follow your own structure.




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