This One Type Of Diet Will Make YOU Lose Your Mind!

This One Type Of Diet Will Make YOU Lose Your Mind!
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Alright , do you like vegetables ?

I mean , purely eating vegetables without any sort of meat in it.? Or with some ?

I feel like I want to say a lot on this because for me, I like having a sharp – focused mind, and if you are a pure vegetable eater ?

Well. . sure vegetables are good and all, promoting vitamins A , B , complexes and all.

And having vegetables mixed in your diet is not a bad thing either . .

But does it come to your mind – why some people who are purely vegetable eaters like to push not to kill animals for meat. . ?

Or why are some very emotional and rely on feelings and make believe ?

Well, I don’t really know.. Maybe they’re all emotionally invested in protecting animals like cows or buffalo . That they should not be tamed and eventually eaten by people.

Maybe they love animals so much – that they hate the sight of violence , because it hurts their feelings.


Do they know that there is always an abundance of animals on the planet – just as long as there is constant production from the female Cow and that animals are also being sheltered for production again ?

But I want to emphasize that if you eat veggies purely – it’s gonna make you feel something weird like losing muscle.

Just kidding. .

Maybe not, there’s good food value in veggies of course like good skin , good hair growth with other glow benefits, right ?

And maybe it won’t make you lose your mind – or make you feel depressed.

Just try it see if it works and try for yourself and experiment.

And ask if being vegan a good choice.

And that’s it . .

Is that good?

This is just something. But still , I believe in fully functioning physically and most importantly mentally. .

Being able to explore outside of your comfort zone.

And guess what ? You need some meat.

You’re doing lot of people a favor by being sound , reasonable, I mean you know how to control your emotions.

It helps with the brain. .

You’re talking with people and have something of value to say that helps them right?

Helps other people become better persons.

Instead of just wondering around, acting like a hippy who eats salad and pushes a snowflake idea.

And the good part is, you’re burning fat constantly and weight loss seems easy as well as being physically fit and most importantly, healthy.

But still , also including some veggies along with it.

That’s not bad at all.

But there is solid research about having purely vegetable diet – and I don’t think they’re quite.

Just not all pure vegetables, and no rice or no meat. .



Alright, stay healthy. And don’t let the vegetables overtake the food value of red meat.

Can’t anymore explain more than that.



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