Mason Jar Eggs

Mason Jar Eggs

Mason Jar Eggs (or Omelettes) are the perfect recipe to meal prep for the week. Dice up your ingredients and portion out your omelettes for the week. Then just add an egg and microwave (or bake) at home or at work!
Want a fun brunch or shower idea? Have everyone bring an ingredient or two. Guests can make their own mason jar omelettes and then bake them all together!

Omelette Ingredient Ideas:
Sausage, Ham, or Bacon, cooked
Cheese (any type you like!)
Red, Green or Yellow Peppers
Salt and Pepper

Prep ingredients and fill your 8oz (half pint) mason jar 1/2 full for 2 eggs or 3/4 full for 1 egg.
Crack your eggs into jar and mix together
Microwave for 90 seconds (2 minutes for a 16oz jar)
Careful – glass will be hot!
Prefer the oven? Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.

Macros will vary based on the ingredients you add. The softer the cheese, the more carbs. The sweeter the veggie, the more carbs.

Everyone can make their own using their favorite ingredients!

Add your ingredients, crack your egg, then cook!

The Keto Dad Tips and Tricks:

  • There are SO many combinations! For example, grab jalapeños and salsa to make Mexican omelettes. Finely dice broccoli and grate cheddar cheese for more of quiche flavor.

  • An 8oz mason jar 3/4 full of toppings will hold 1 egg. With closer to 1/4 full of toppings you can fit 2 eggs. Use a 16oz if you want a full restaurant sized omelette. We have a ton of the half pint or 8oz size so we’ll just make two omelettes each!

  • You can spray the inside of the jar with avocado or olive oil for easier cleanup. However, we were able to easily clean them without spraying them.

  • We dice the ingredients and store them in the fridge without the egg. Then add the egg right before we cook. If we meal prep on Sunday, the veggies stay good in the mason jars all week!

Watch The Keto Dad make this recipe!



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