Low-Carb Colcannon Recipe with Bacon

Low-Carb Colcannon Recipe with Bacon

This tasty Low-Carb Colcannon Recipe with Bacon is inspired by the famous Irish potato and cabbage dish called Colcannon! And bacon is a traditional Irish food and it’s a great addition to Colcannon.

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This Low-Carb Colcannon Recipe with Bacon combines mashed cauliflower with cabbage, green onions, bacon, butter, and some salt and pepper for a low-carb variation on the famous Irish dish called Colcannon. And even though the recipe isn’t much in the looks department, I hope you won’t let that stop you from making it if you’re even a little bit Irish or you like those ingredients.

And there’s a fun story about this recipe too. Years ago I made Pureed Cauliflower with Garlic, Parmesan, and Goat Cheese and realized that mashed cauliflower is pretty delicious. And shortly after that I made mashed cauliflower with cabbage and green onions for a blogging event. (See the printer-friendly version of the original recipe at that link.) And then it hung around in the archives for years and years before I finally got motivated enough to improve the horrible photos.

And what inspired me to give this recipe a make-over was the discovery that there are many variations of Colcannon, and that it sometimes has bacon! I couldn’t imagine why bacon wouldn’t be a delicious addition to this dish, and we also improved the recipe by cooking the cabbage and cauliflower separately and then combining them at the end so this Colcannon Recipe is now quicker to make!

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