Intermittent Fasting Basics Plus our I-Fast Kit

Intermittent Fasting Basics Plus our I-Fast Kit

Check out our six quick videos below highlighting different topics on Intermittent fasting!

Growing up I always heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”! What I’ve learned… it’s the most important meal of the day to get RIGHT… and that means you can skip it too!

How does Intermittent fasting work? What are some of the benefits? And can you have coffee while you’re fasting? Check out these short videos to find out why and how we incorporate intermittent fasting into our Keto and Low Carb Lifestyles.

I-Fast Kit: We have found that intermittent fasting can be life changing… but not always easy for the average person. That’s where our 5 Day I-Fast comes in! We drink Ketones, electrolytes and Keto Protein to get the MOST out of 5 days of intermittent fasting. Plus meal plans, guided support and more. Want step by step instructions on intermittent fasting while optimizing with Ketones and Keto Protein? Check out our I-Fast program!

101 : Why You Should Intermittent Fast?

Your body was not designed to eat all the time but rather with periods of time when you don’t eat, when your digestive system can rest!

Compressing your eating window also has some benefits regardless of your diet. You stop eating those unhealthy snacks before bed. You stop adding that sugary creamer from the grocery store or stopping at the coffee shop for a carb-laden latte. You skip the 600 calorie muffin from the bakery. When you decrease the number of times you spike your blood sugar during the day (and even permanently remove those extra carbs), your fat will start to melt off!

When you break your fast, don’t reach for cereal and sugary coffee. Instead, choose protein (like eggs or our Keto Oatmeal) and coffee made with heavy whipping cream and keto sweetener. Or, choose something like our Keto Kreme. My favorite? Chicken salad, Egg Salad or an omelet!

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I-Fast Kit: We add in our 5 Day Intermittent Fasting Kit with Ketones to keep you energized and cravings-free during your morning fasting hours. Then you’ll optimize your fast even more by breaking your fast with Keto Protein. This helps preserve muscle (which will repair your metabolism) and contains ketones to keep you in Ketosis!

102 : The Basics You Need to Know

IF stands for Intermittent Fasting
16/8 :
The first number is how many hours you fast. The second is your eating window. For example 20/4 would be a 20 hour fast with 4 hours of time for meals.
Our goal for our non-eating time is to fuel ourselves with things that won’t cause a rise in blood glucose or an insulin response. However, we also don’t want to starve muscle. The goal of most fasts is to lose fat and increase muscle for healthy metabolism!

What is the best length of time to fast? You’ll want to make sure you can still get the appropriate calories and macros during your eating window. While some small calorie restriction can be helpful on intermittent fasting days, long term calorie restriction will harm your metabolism.

I-Fast Kit: We add in Keto NAT and electrolytes while fasting. Keto NAT helps with cravings and energy during your non-eating window while the electrolytes keep you hydrated.

Our keto Protein has a moderate amount of protein plus MCTs and ketones. It doesn’t cause an insulin response AND helps preserve muscle. This makes it perfect to drink when you’re fasting, or as a snack during your eating window! Again, fat loss and muscle gain is our goal!

103 : Can You Have Coffee while Fasting? Or Fat Coffee?

I get this question all the time! Usually it’s asking what you can drink, such as bulletproof or fat coffee or Ketones. Dr. Ryan Lowery, the co-author of The Ketogenic Bible, has some great info on this topic if you want to go in depth. When you add fat to your coffee or tea, you technically break your fast because of the calories. However, a more important question is “What’s your outcome?”.

In general we find that the goal is to deepen your level of Ketosis and avoid an insulin response to aid in fat loss and muscle gain. This goal is to manage blood glucose numbers, allow for fat burning and giving you the benefits of ketosis.

104 : Can You Exercise While Fasting?

Have you been told to make sure to eat in the morning or before you work out? Otherwise where will your energy come from?! Next time you hear this, you can point to your thighs, waist or rear end! I promise, you have enough “energy” you carry around with you!

We recommend moving your body during your fasting window to deepen your level of Ketosis and burn some of that unwanted fat!

Remember, your workout can be as simple as a 15 minute walk around your block, vacuuming your living room with vigor, or an hour long HIIT workout! Do what’s right for you.

I-Fast Kit: Drinking your Keto NAT during your fasting window helps with protein synthesis…basically helps your muscles grow. We also add in the only Keto protein available that has Protein, Ketones and MCT. This is SO important because more muscles leads to a healthier metabolism which leads to long term weight loss (or maintenance)!. Ketones also gives you the energy you need to fuel your workout without adding calories or unnecessary pre-workouts or carb-filled protein shakes. Make sure you drink your electrolytes as well! They are essential in staying hydrated and maximizing your days.

105 : How Often Should You Fast?

The answer is…it’s up to you! If you only want to do it twice a week, awesome! 5-7 days a week, wonderful! Anywhere in between, also great! Figure out what feels best and works well for you.

However, remember that the goal is not long term calorie restriction. The goal is to manage your blood glucose numbers to repair your metabolism… and to cut out those unhealthy snacks you may have eaten before bed!

Switching your routine up here and there is also a great idea – fasting different days, different lengths, and even times of day (skip dinner rather than breakfast).

I-Fast Kit: In general we fast 5 days a week. Most of our customers will drink Ketones during their normal intermittent fast in the morning. A second Ketone drink in the afternoon is optional. Then we’ll do more focused intermittent fasting weeks once or twice a month using our I-Fast kits.

106 : Can You Drink Ketones in Your Fast?

Yes! Prüvit’s Keto NAT are identical to the ketones your body produces while you’re fasting or in Ketosis nutritionally. Drinking these effective (bio identical) Ketone without added fats, will optimize your fast for greater results. We drink Ketones to amplify what your body is already doing – which means more energy, focus, and mood during your fast!

Pruvit has truly optimized Intermittent fasting through the use of their 5 Day Intermittent Fasting Kit. Our customers have been LOVING this easy way to intermittent fast AND all the guided group support that goes along with it for Keto Dad customers!

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