I Want To Lose Weight But…

I Want To Lose Weight But…
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Okay! let me see if I know why you’re here. Are you here because you want to lose weight, but don’t know where to start? Me too! I once was in those same shoes. I made excuse after excuse before I started my 60 pound weight loss journey. I figured out why you are here, can you figure out why i’m here…? YES! To help you lose weight, also to help you stay motivated and make no excuse for yourself. Any goal is reachable if you work hard enough and believe you will reach that goal, whether your mind wants to or not. It’s all a mind game. Did you know your own mind can psych you out to think you can’t reach the finish line, but that’s when you shut out your own thoughts. Nothing good comes without hard work. It all starts with an “I Will” attitude! With that being said, let’s dial and focus on losing weight. That burden you’ve wanted to get rid of for so long is finally about to pass along! You are going to transform into a new person, and be unstoppable in your beautiful body. 

Now let’s take the next step towards starting our weight loss journey. That is asking ourselves, what diet do i want to begin to lose weight? A good one I would recommend is the KETO diet. On the KETO diet you usually reduce total carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams a day, basically less than the amount of food in a bagel. This diet actually reduces belly fat in the abdominal region more efficiently than a low-fat diet. Then we have the low-fat diet. The low-fat diet is designed to reduce the occurrence of a heart disease and obesity. Fats and saturated fats are restricted on this diet as well as cholesterol. I’ve only named two examples, but there are many other options you could choose from, I just don’t want to keep you here all day. Once you’ve decided which diet you want to start is when meals and recipes come into play. Some diets can get a little costly, but there are ways to get around prices if you look in the right places and do the right research! I will have a link to a few websites I used for cheap recipes and meals. 

EXERCISE! EXERCISE! EXERCISE! I cannot stress how important exercise is. For one, it’s vital for your health. The body is fragile without the proper care or exercise. Next, weight loss isn’t as efficient without exercise. Keeping your active will use the healthy food your eating to push out all the bad which cause you to lose weight! Losing weight is the main objective here, Did we forget!? Losing weight can be dangerous if it is not done correctly. You will be fit and slim before you know it if you stay active. Now don’t get me wrong, sleep is also very important for weight loss and dieting. Without a good amount of sleep your weight loss journey could go wrong. A lack of sleep can alter your brain to think it’s okay to not eat or sleep. Not eating will lead to muscle shrinkage and loss, which are negative signs for a healthy body! So make sure to eat, sleep, and stick to the plan. The first few days will be stressful and tempting, I believe you can pull through all the way to the end and get that body you’ve been desiring. 

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Just a few more words of encouragement and accountability, then you can get started on this wonderful journey of losing weight! Only think positive and only look at the finish line. Stay focused on the goal you set. Do not let anyone bring you done for your appearance, goals, or anything of that matter. Just remain calm to do what you need to do. I am in no way saying the body you have now is not beautiful. I believe EVERYONE is beautiful the way you want to be. You have a purpose, so don’t let negativity, comments, or obstacles ruin your day. Don’t let negativity ruin your smile, Wake up and conquer the day! It’s your world, We are just living in it! 

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