Keto Low Carb Bread Tins

Keto Low Carb Bread Tins

January 11, 2023

Learn how to get better keto baking results with our Keto Low Carb Bread Tins. Everything you need to know to pick the best tin for your low carb or keto bread baking.

Without realizing it I have created a huge amount of baked keto treats along the way. This was not my intention to do so many keto or low carb baked recipes but somehow, I kind of have. If you love bread then you can check out my Keto Breads eBook packed with loads of great recipes.

Every day I get swamped with questions, comments, DM’s and emails regarding my gluten free baking recipes, or the Low Carb Bread recipe. Our Low Carb Bread is crazily popular and with so many people making it of course we end up with a lot of questions and queries on ingredients or results.

I will say that this post will be updated often. I will send an email to our subscribers list each time I update. Updates will include more FAQ’s, new keto products/stockists as they become available plus more techniques etc. as I find more recipes that could use a few more tips.

loaf of bread in a loaf pan

My Favourite Loaf Tins

Let’s start with the most asked questions about the low carb bread recipe. There are a lot but hey some I will give you my tips and other links to baking blogs who can explain it as well.

The Best Baking Pans for Bread

If you have followed me for a while you know I have used a lot of loaf pans in my time. With the new update of the Low Carb Bread I have addressed many FAQ’s so please re-check the post for all the updates.

Let’s look at the best baking tins for low carb or gluten free baking.

USA Pans

I love the USA pans and here is why.
USA pans are made from an Aluminum Steel. They are light in colour and great conductors of heat. Manufactured in the USA with each pan coated in Americoat PLUS, a clear silicone-based coating, USA Pan bakeware is specifically developed and formulated for long life use and nonstick durability. Qualities I really love in bakeware.

I use two USA loaf tins. I use the large loaf pan (pictured below and the loaf above is baked in it) and the Pan Hearth Bread Pan. Both of these have the ridged bases to allow for air circulation and heat distribution.

The large loaf tin is 25.4cm x 12.7cm x 7.6cm.

The Pan Hearth Pan is 30.5 x 14 x 5.7cm. It gives you a gorgeous shaped loaf. Using the low carb bread recipe will give you a lower loaf due to length of the loaf. You can view a chia loaf I baked in the video I did on the gluten flour bread recipe.

silver loaf tin on white background

Mastercraft CrustyBake Box

The MasterCraft CrustyBake Box is the original tin many of you have seen me use in my old videos and original Low Carb Bread recipe.

Being a darker colour steel this loaf tin gives a bread a crustier base. It has perforated holes to allow air circulation. This does make this tin only suitable for a low carb bread not keto bread. Any that are not in a dough will leak out through the holes.

With my low carb bread recipes, I use a 23cm CrustyBake as it is the largest size. This sizing tends to give you a very high loaf due to the size of the loaf tin.

You can order the MasterCraft CrustyBake Box through Everten.

holey loaf baking tin on white background

Silicone Loaf Pans

While I love silicone spatulas (a LOT) and I love a silicone cake mould to protect baked cheesecakes, I am not a fan of silicone loaf pans. Why?

Silicone is not a great conductor of heat so for gluten free baking, it is a huge inhibitor of leavening. When the odds are already stacked against with no gluten then a silicone loaf is not a good choice. Also, because of the lack of heat distribution the bread will not brown or crisp.

A silicone loaf pan is best used for light colour cakes, terrines, jellies, or any loaves where sticking may be a problem.

Glass Loaf Pans

I only just received my first glass loaf baking pan last week. So, at this point of time I have yet to test them out personally. From the research I have done it seems there are mixed results and recommendations. However, I have seen a fantastic result with our low carb bread recipe on our Facebook Group Bread Thread.

Glass is a good conductor of heat so baking low carb or gluten free bread should be fine. They are also great for casseroles, meat loaf, lasagna, or keto sweet breads like our Keto Banana Bread.

Jumbo Tin with Lid

I love making the low carb bread in the jumbo loaf tin too! I do 1.5 times the recipe and get a huge loaf. Checkout our video below for it. With the addition of a lid this gives you an absolutely perfect low carb sandwich loaf.

loaf tin with lid on white background
How gorgeous is this one? I added the link above for you.

Keto Cookbooks & Ebooks

So, these are just a few of my favourite pans for gluten free bread baking and low carb breads.

I will be adding more a few more posts with the ingredients I use for low carb baking as well as cake and cookie baking tips as well. This post may be updated as I find more pans or test more cooking methods for all kinds of gluten free bread or LCHF breads. If you do have any great pans that should be added to the list then comment below and let me know what you use and how well it works. Or if you have any questions then add them below too.

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