Triggers That Come To Resulting to Binge Eat

Triggers That Come To Resulting to Binge Eat

Triggers that will come to binge eat.

When you are in a weight loss journey, the tendencies to feel tempted is always going to happen along the way because of external and internal factors…

one of which is the stress associated, and the pressure to withstand if one is strong enough to understand the goals and the outcome of your persistence.

Now to get things straight, one of the triggers will most surely come from food advertising that caters to enjoyment, luxury and fun … and the same time slacking off because of wrong choice

now i wouldnt be writing this, if i wasnt holding myself accountable and putting into active practice of the dieting because i need to do it… i have to do it …

whether the emotions are anger, depressed, frustration, being on oneself… these are also internal factors that cause you to aggresively slack off your diet and these powerful trigger buttons if your’e aware alreadyemotions play a huge role also in your diet

recently, i’m unable to relax and stay still because of everyday actions… it caused me to be restless mentally with the routines that just became mindless

it’s a must to get back to be driven and to use it as fuel, so that we don’t end up going on a freaking guilt trip and blaming everyone else and the public for our shortcomings in our progress.

Emotions also do huge whether to eat clean or not.

Think about how being overweight hurts your confidence, think about how you didn’t feel good about yourself and you didn’t think that you looked a certain way about you..

Like i said these are the things that we need to keep watch, because “something” wants us to just sit down and say yes to everything.

and guess what.. that “something” is trying hurt you.. it’s a mental and ultimately a physical genocide, because one allows it and just say screw it, just for today only right ??

it’s actually much harder.. that’s why you need to keep your goals in check, and your outcome and purpose..

it all boils down to us. You. Me

If you’re thinking that you’re alone

then it’s easy to gobble up the trash food and delay the progress.

Be on the track by removing all the distractions.

Write and talk soon.

Stay in the fight, and don’t punk out on the sugar.



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