Keto Rolls (gluten free + how-to video!)

Keto Rolls (gluten free + how-to video!)

These Keto Rolls are going to change your life, seriously! They’re fluffy and perfect as a low-carb side dish or slider bun!

Are these the most popular keto / low-carb rolls on the internet? Maybe! Since launching Cast Iron Keto in 2017 these Keto Rolls have consistently been our #1 post! You love them, we love them, and they just keep making waves.


If you have been craving a sandwich or a dinner roll on the corner of your plate these Keto Rolls are here to fill the void. This recipe is based on the fathead dough from the popular movie, Fathead. The premise is like that of Supersize Me, except he loses weight instead of gaining it after eating a month’s worth of fast food. He was able to defy conventional wisdom by, if you have seen it guess now…reducing his carbohydrate intake.

The movie takes everything you’ve ever been told about how to lose weight (before you discovered keto) and turns it on its head. Although we do NOT recommend eating fast food as we’re fans of a whole-food-based keto diet.

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🍞 Ingredients in keto rolls:

This keto roll recipe only has a few simple ingredients but please, do not substitute any of them as this recipe will only work as written.

  • Cream Cheese –We use full-fat block-style cream cheese. Do not use a “spreadable” style cream cheese.
  • Mozzarella Cheese – We use a low-moisture part-skim mozzarella. If you use a regular mozzarella this dough will be too wet and the rolls won’t keep their shape.
  • Almond Flour – We use superfine almond flour. Bob’s Red Mill is our go-to almond flour.
  • Baking Powder – ONLY use aluminum-free baking powder. See below in the questions and answers as to why.
  • Eggs – Use large eggs, we like organic pasture-raised eggs!

🔪 Instructions:

  1. Preheat the oven to 400° F
  2. Start by melting your mozzarella and cream cheese in a microwave-safe bowl in 30-second increments until it is completely melted and combined
  3. Mix the almond flour, baking powder, and eggs into the cheese until well combined
  4. Transfer the mixture to the refrigerator to chill for 10-20 minutes
  5. Roll out the dough into 12 or 24 balls – this just depends on if you want large or small rolls
  6. Transfer the rolls back to the refrigerator for another 10-20 minutes to allow them to set up
  7. Grease the skillet with butter, arrange the rolls in the skillet
  8. Bake the rolls for 20-25 minutes, allow to cool for 15 minutes before removing from the pan

💭 Helpful tips

To make the process of rolling out the keto rolls easier, here are a few tips:

  • Use a food processor or stand mixer to mix – we typically just use a wooden spoon but this works even better!
  • CHILL, seriously, depending on the temperature of your ingredients/home chilling the dough for a bit does wonders.
  • Make sure your eggs are at room temperature – this will help the dough not to seize up when adding in the eggs.
  • Spray your hands with olive oil when rolling out the dough balls – this will help them not to stick
  • Place them on a sheet of parchment paper or directly into the skillet after rolling – no sticking to plates or cutting boards this way

⭐️ FAQ’s

Can I use coconut flour instead of almond flour? 

No, coconut flour requires more moisture than almond flour, but we do have a recipe for keto focaccia that uses coconut flour. 

That’s a lot of baking powder – My Keto rolls taste bitter what did I do wrong?

Yes it is a lot of baking powder, but we are making bread…out of cheese.  If your finished rolls have a bitter taste, it is most likely due to using low-quality baking powder, opt for aluminum-free and it won’t be an issue.

Is the dough supposed to be this gooey/sticky? 

We wish it were easier to work with, but if you chill it both before and after rolling it into balls you’ll have no problem.  If we can do it, so can you…trust us.

Mine didn’t rise like yours and/or all melted together into a loaf, what happened?

Did you use the right ingredients? If you used whole milk mozzarella this could happen, only use lowmoisture part-skim mozzarella! If all of your ingredients are correct, try chilling them for double the amount of time to help the rolls keep their shape.

Q: Do I have to use a cast iron skillet?

No, you don’t! You can use a cake pan or any glass or ceramic baking dish. Just be sure to grease it well or even line it with parchment for easy removal. Do not use a baking sheet as the rolls will spread out too much.

What is the nutritional information for these low-carb rolls?

As always, you can find all of the nutritional information for all of our recipes at the bottom of the recipe card. For these keto rolls, the net carbs are 3.8 g for 2 rolls. This recipe serves 12 (2 rolls each). And yes, the nutritional info includes the baking powder.

Keto Recipes that use these Keto Rolls:

keto rolls in a cast iron skillet

📖 Recipe

keto rolls in a cast iron skillet


Keto Rolls

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These gluten-free Keto Rolls are going to change your life, seriously! They’re fluffy and perfect as a side dish or slider bun!
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Keyword baking, bread, keto, low carb, vegetarian
Prep Time 35 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 12
Calories 234kcal


  • 8 ounces cream cheese block – not spreadable – no additives
  • 3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese low moisture – part skim – no additives, preservatives, etc
  • 4 large eggs at room temperature
  • 4 tablespoons aluminum-free baking powder
  • 1 ⅓ cups almond flour we use Bob’s Red Mill
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter


  • Preheat the oven to 400° F
  • In a small pot over low heat melt the cream cheese and mozzarella together. It should resemble a thick gooey paste. Alternatively, melt the cream cheese and mozzarella together in a microwave-safe bowl in 30-second increments until smooth.
  • Add the melted cheeses to a large bowl along with the baking powder, almond flour, and eggs. Mix until smooth and refrigerate for 10-20 minutes.
  • Roll into 24 balls and chill in the refrigerator for at least another 10 minutes. *see post above for handy tricks
  • Grease a 10.5″ cast iron skillet with the butter.
  • Place the dough balls into the skillet touching on each side. Transfer to the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes until fluffy, golden brown, and cooked through.



Nutritional info is for 2 rolls if you made 24 or for 1 roll if you made them into 12.


Calories: 234kcal | Carbohydrates: 4.9g | Protein: 13.1g | Fat: 19.3g | Fiber: 1.1g

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