My keto diet success story! From 315 to 230!

My keto diet success story! From 315 to 230!

 I went from 315 to 230 right in the comfort of my own home. And it wasn’t like I was doing anything drastically new. All it took was a simple change but it wasn’t always this easy. 

To be honest, it was incredibly difficult. I never stopped trying on different programs, diets and supplements. Until today, I had always thought I knew everything about losing weight… I really had tried it all.

My keto diet success story! From 315 to 230!

But nothing ever changed. It was tremendously frustrating and I was just about to lose all hope. 

Beth sat right next to me at work and one day she left something on her desk. It was an old picture of her. I gasped as I could barely recognize the person in the picture. 

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…

Now here’s something you should know about Beth. She has an absolute bombshell of a figure even at 57 and we always thought that she had always looked like that. 

The next day, I darted to Beth and asked her what her secret was. I had been trying so much for years and still have yet to find something that even came close to working. 

There were tears in my eyes as I basically broke down. I didn’t expect myself to cry but I knew this had been a long time coming. 

She placed her hand on my shoulder… Looked me in the eyes with the most loving look and said… 

“I know exactly how you feel, and I know it’s been difficult. Change is possible.”

“But please promise me that you will be open-minded.” 

Before I left from work that day, Beth took a hold of my hand and squeezed it. She said; “And one more thing, you were really really brave to take that step.”

I felt my eyes start watering up again as I hugged her & rushed out to my car to start bawling my eyes out. 

If it wasn’t for that life-changing day, I would have never come across the Custom Keto Hack. 

Nowadays, my life looks very different. Now I was the one who can’t recognize myself!

No more going back and forth between my fitter clothes and my looser ones. And NO more stressing about how I need to get in shape in time for a vacation or big event. Now I was fit all the time!

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